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OenoBioTech SAS and its share-holders, STAGRI & WBT Holding AG, announce a restructuring of the ownership of OenoBioTech's capital.


Chanteloup-en-Brie, France, November 12, 2020


STAGRI, a company registered in France owned by Mr. Pietro Zanardelli & Mrs. Clara Gramatica-Zanardelli announce that they have sold their 50% stake in the capital of OenoBioTech SAS to OBT Holding SAS, a holding company registered in France owned by Mr. Hans de Bie & Ms. Ignazia Timo. The other 50% stake in OenoBioTech is held by WBT Holding AG, a Swiss holding company owned by Hans de Bie. This means that OenoBioTech is now 100% owned by Hans de Bie and Ignazia Timo. It is expected that all shares of OenoBioTech will be transferred to OBT Holding in the near future.


OenoBioTech was created in December 2010 by STAGRI and WBT Holding and today, almost 10 years later, OenoBioTech is entering a new phase of its development. 


In 10 years, OenoBioTech, has become a significant supplier of enzymes, yeast, yeast nutrients and other key products for the wine industry. In the future the company will continue to focus on the wine industry as well as the beverage industry by providing high quality and innovative products and will continue to provide excellent service and customer satisfaction.


Hans and Ignazia warmly and sincerely thank Pietro Zanardelli & Clara Gramatica-Zanardelli for the excellent work they have put in to make OenoBioTech a success. We wish them a good and well-deserved retirement. We are also fortunate that Pietro & Clara remain as consultants to our company as they will continue to support us.  We take this opportunity to thank our customers, suppliers and partners for their continued support and trust, they all have undoubtedly contributed to the growth of our company to its current position. 


We also thank all the OenoBioTech team for their hard work in supporting its former and new owners and the welcome they give to the new partner.



STAGRI                                                                                                                   OBT Holding

Pietro & Clara Zanardelli                                                    Hans de Bie & Ignazia Timo


«OenoBioTech introduces a large range of enzymes for the wine-maker with high Pectinase & Arabanase activities derived from specially selected classical strains of Aspergillus niger for fast extraction and clarification under difficult conditions such as when processing cold must or difficult to process grapes such as Muscat during a very dry vintage! All of our enzymes are extremely low in Cinnamyl Esterase and Anthocyanase activities.»

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OenoBioTech SAS is ISO-22000:2018 and ISO-9001:2015 certified.

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